We started out in 1999 as part of the first SA nature theme shop at SA National Parks in Muckleneuk, Pretoria. The Bushwillow shop was a franchise that supported the endangered wildlife trust of Southern Africa, but after 8 years, we broke away from the franchise to form our own nature shop, Hamerkop Nest, located at the Monument Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria,South Africa 

After getting requests from customers for nature reserve bookings, we opened Lowveld Reservations Gauteng and started with bookings for lodges, guest houses and resorts in the Lowveld area. We are now a satelite office of Lowveld Tourism and do reservations to all South African National Parks and destinations.We also have selected accommodation available for our customers in Southern Africa
We will do what we can to make your holiday/trip or tour a personal highlight by staying in selected establishments all over Southern Africa NAMIBIA is becoming a personal favourite and we have an extended portfolio of places whether for a self-drive tour or a luxury experience of the Dessert country.

Furthermore, we support various Anti crime initiatives in Southern Africa, such as the Rhino poaching initiative run by Jacaranda 94.2 FM.Rhino Poaching is reaching a crisis  in our country and we are urging our fellow Nature Lovers to support the WILDERNESS FOUNDATION call for signatures:SAVE THE RHINOS petition.Go to www.wildernessfoundation.co.za/savetherhinos and sign NOW.
SA is the custodian to the majority of the remaining rhinos on EARTH and there is a dire need to support conservation efforts with international awareness and education campaigns,funding for anti poaching activities and diplomatic discussions with countries which are importing the horns..The founder of the Wilderness Foundation,enviromentalist and conservationist ,Dr Ian Player noted at the ICC Foundation hosted event in Washington DC in March 2012 :"It is only through global campaign and political will that we can save this remnant of the dinosaur age- the Rhino."
. All our products in the Hamerkop Nest Store are carefully selected and we support employment projects("mielie and Kaross" handmade accecories and linen)also small entrepreneurs/craftsman/woman in Southern Africa.Products are proudly SA and of the highest quality.